the "Support Small" Initiative

Support Small is an initiative developed to lighten the economic hardships due to the effects the corona virus is having on small businesses within our community.

A lot of small businesses cannot open and conduct daily operations.  At Swag we have come up with an idea to combat those hardships and to pull together as a community and bring aid to the small businesses we know and love.  We will deliver extra funding to them during this time without any cost to them. 

The only commitment is marketing support from the participating businesses. We are asking each business to promote their own personal Support Small link on their web-site and social media.

The link will direct participating business’s followers and customers to a page where they will be able to purchase the Support Small T-shirt.  $12 from the sale of each shirt will go back to that business.  After printing, the shirts may be shipped or available for curbside pick-up(curbside only available in Tuscaloosa) within 72 BUSINESS hours of purchase.

We will also offer an option to add to each business’s link a “tip jar” button for bars, restaurants and other service industry related jobs. 100% of the proceeds from the “tip jar” will go directly to that business--so it can distribute proceeds amongst their tipped employees.

This initiative is an effort for Swag to be able to continue providing creative printing services to the community we serve; to continue providing jobs to our printers and employees, and it also allows us to pass funding onto other small businesses we serve alongside. Finally, it provides the consumer an awesome shirt to wear as a badge of honor saying—I support our community, its employers and our small businesses! 

To qualify, you must be a small business with a valid business license.  There is a form below where you can upload your business license, the business contact info, the name in which the check will need to be made payable to and your social media handles and/or website addresses.  Funds will be processed 48 business hours from the purchase date of the shirt.  The return policy is that there are not any returns.  We will exchange product if the shirt is damaged, but since this is an effort to stimulate business and this is a presale--all sales are final.

If you are from another community and are interested in becoming a part of our Support Small initiative, please use the 'contact us' form on our page. 

For a community to qualify, we will need to have 10 committed local businesses dedicated to promoting and helping with this cause.

During the fulfillment stages of the process, we will wear protective clothing, masks and gloves so we handle your product and packaging with care and without any issue of contamination. 

These are uncertain times, especially for small businesses, but these businesses also drive the American economy. Our best efforts to survive and flourish come in banding together to support and lift each other up! I hope you will join with us. Support Small!

 xx, Laura Beth Oliver-Agee, President